Grounds Maintenance

Hedge Cutting 

As part of our Grounds Maintenance Contracts we undertake periodic hedge cutting and trimming for a wide range of clients. Our past projects have included cutting back and trimming well developed and newly planted hedges. Past projects have included working with evergreen conifer leylandii hedges, beech hedges, laurel hedges and hawthorn hedges. We provide our clients with a complete grounds maintenance solution including weed control, grass cutting and flower bed maintenance.   

Safety & Environmental

Our specialist operatives are trained in safe work methods for working at heights particularly when cutting back high level conifer hedges.  They have been trained in the safe use powered access equipment, the safe use of powered hedge trimming equipment and the operation of industrial chippers / shredders.  The protection of the public during hedge cutting is given high priority, control methods used include cordoning off the area being trimmed if there is any possibility of public interaction, erecting warning signage, felling cut material into designated  fall zones and any other precautions necessary. Cut material is stored in a safe area and then loaded to be removed to a licensed composting site.