Grounds Maintenance

Weed Control 

In addition to cutting grass we also offer weed control services to our range of private and public sector clients. Methods of weed control include mass spraying, spot spraying, pulling by hand or using a hoe. The method of weed control used is dependent on the area to be treated.  For example, flower beds will be weeded by hand whilst footpath edges will be sprayed.  We are happy to receive enquiries to provide a quote for carrying out any size of weed control contract.

Safety & Environmental

Our handling, use and disposal of herbicides is strictly controlled under our health and safety COSHH Assessments which control the use of hazardous substances. Operatives are provided with training and issued with appropriate PPE and RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) to protect their health and safety. Waste herbicide is disposed to a licensed waste management facility and the appropriate waste notes retained for future reference.